Vegan chicken recipe with barely two ingredients goes viral on TikTok

The latest TikTok hype is not a dance or a hack, but it is a recipe for making the meat substitute seitan. If you make seitan the right way, you can make a substitute for chicken out of flour and water, which is easier than you might think.

If you regularly scroll through TikTok, you may have already come across videos of people washing flour. And they don’t do that because they think the flour is dirty, but because they want to make the meat substitute seitan from it.


The recipe is super easy. You take flour and water. You knead that together into a dough and then let it rest for an hour. Then you knead the dough again, but this time under water.

You have to wash the dough several times until the water remains almost completely transparent. During the washing of the dough you actually wash away the starch and you only have the gluten. When your dough is completely washed, it is time to season your dough. You do that according to your own taste, but there are also some recipes on TikTok.

When your dough is seasoned, let it rest for another hour. Then you stretch it and knot it together. Then you fry it first on all sides in the pan and then you cook it in vegetable stock for 45 minutes. And then your dough should have the texture of chicken.

View the recipe here:


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This is the recipe for when you have a slow cooker at home:


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There are also recipes with slightly more ingredients:


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This recipe would taste like KFC chicken:


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