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Vegan cream liqueur from Berliner Luft: “Cold coffee” in the taste test

Living vegan has long since ceased to mean serious renouncement – at least not in big cities like Berlin, for example. In pretty much every neighborhood there are vegan restaurants with elaborate menus full of plant-based dishes. In the supermarkets, the fake chicken and the tofu blocks are piled up on the refrigerated shelves – and the rest can be ordered online or in organic stores. Nevertheless, as a vegan person, you are always happy about new products that were previously only available in non-vegan versions. The best example: the new vegan cream liqueur from Berliner Luft “Kalter Kaffee”. We tested it for you. Spoiler: yummy!

Oh yeah, the good old cream liqueur. As a vegan you had to do without him for a long time. With every Amarula poured out at “The Bachelor” we knew: We couldn’t drink that one now! Sure, doing it yourself is always possible, but what if you wanted to quickly dust off a Baileys in Späti before a party – or the other way around: was offered the creamy shot at a festival? Well … Fortunately, the Baileys Almande * has been vegan for a few years. However, the drink costs around 20 euros. If you want something cheaper, you can now use the “cold coffee” from the popular Berliner Luft * liqueur brand. Cost: 16.99 euros at Amazon *.

Visually, the “cold coffee” comes in the classic Berliner Luft design, and the filling volume – like all large bottles of the brand – is 0.7 liters. The alcohol content of the first vegan cream liqueur from the manufacturer Schilkin is also the typical 18 percent.

“Kalter Kaffee” from Berliner Luft: The taste test

Lovers know that Berliner Luft specializes in peppermint liqueurs. So it is not surprising that the “cold coffee” is very minty in the finish, which you would not expect from a cooled coffee. That may sound like an unusual combination. (Cold coffee itself doesn’t have the largest fan base either). However, the product surprises with a rounded taste – which could not have less to do with cold coffee. On the contrary: a decent caramel note comes through. As promised by the manufacturer, the creaminess is that of a cream liqueur, which should also please all non-vegans. The creamy liqueur is also something for all those who like to taste the alcohol in their drinks as little as possible. The high proof only comes through late in the finish.

Our conclusion: Berliner Luft did everything right with the new liqueur in the range. In addition to very good taste and vegan implementation, “Kalter Kaffee” is also lactose-free and therefore does not exclude lactose-intolerant consumers.

“Cold coffee” cream liqueur from Berliner Luft – 16.99 euros at Amazon *

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