Version 1.4 of Genshin Impact invites you to the Windflower Festival

Developer miHoYo has the first details about the upcoming major content update for Genshin Impact released to version 1.4. From March 17th you can travel to Mondstadt again and make nice friends there while having fun and games. The Wind Flower Festival awaits you.

In order to enjoy the new content, players must have reached adventure level 20 and completed the archon mission “A Song of the Dragon and Freedom”. The Wind Flower Festival is actually celebrated to commemorate the day of the liberation of the old lunar city 2,600 years ago. Most residents simply enjoy it as a celebration of love and outdoor activities.

Mini-games and challenges

Ordo Favonius and the Adventure Guild have prepared numerous new mini-games and challenges for the festival that players can play alone or with friends. In addition, the objects “Balloon to commemorate the Wind Flower Festival” and “Scenic Lyre” as well as the new 4-star weapon “Wind Flower Flower” will be featured at the festival.

And of course there are also new characters. Rosaria, the “Thorny Grace” will be available for the first time as the newest playable 4-star character. Travelers will also have the chance to receive invitations from Barbara, Noelle, Bennett and Chongyun and experience a story with multiple possible outcomes with each character.

As a nun from the cathedral, Rosaria performed once on the Dragon Ridge two months ago. She is very good at handling polearms and cryogenic power. In addition, she can quickly teleport behind the enemy to attack them. If she triggers her special ability, she can first attack her opponents with a powerful blow with high cryo damage and at the same time continuously inflict area damage to the enemies in the area.

With the release of version 1.4, there will also be more references to the Order of the Abyss and the Lost Relatives. If the travelers continue to investigate with Dainsleif, the “Branch Guardian”, they will meet the “Abyssal Messenger”, a new enemy, and unearth the secret behind the world’s first ruins guardian in Dvalin’s ruins.

This is Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, mobile devices and PCs. You can find the PC client and more information about Genshin Impact on the official website. A publication on other platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, is already being planned. The title will also appear on PlayStation 5 with revised graphics and loading time. But Genshin Impact has already grossed over $ 245 million. The soundtrack is already available on Spotify and Co.!

The first preview of Genshin Impact 1.4

Images: Genshin Impact, miHoYo


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