Verstappen knows: Red Bull must continue to make progress

Max Verstappen knows one thing for sure a month before the start of the Formula 1 season: if Red Bull wants to seriously attack the hegemony of Mercedes this year, his team will have to continue to make progress. “We need more grip in the road and more engine power,” said the Dutch driver bluntly during a video conference.

“What we have seen of the new car so far is very promising. But it makes no sense to get very enthusiastic about it now. Later we first wait for the test races in Bahrain and gather as much information about the car there. We have to keep developing, given the car that Mercedes was driving at the end of the season. It was very dominant. “

Verstappen drove his first kilometers at the Silverstone circuit on Wednesday during a number of promotion laps in the RB16B, which is not much different from the RB16, with which he finished third again in the World Cup standings last year. Formula 1 rules only allowed for some aerodynamic changes. It does have a new Honda engine.

“It is indeed not a car that is completely different from last year’s car, but for me the most important thing is that it is fast, regardless of the color. Whether it is pink, purple or any other color and whether it is a very weird one. I don’t care, as long as the car is fast. Then I’m happy “, Verstappen joked.

Verstappen did not answer questions about seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who has only signed with Mercedes for one year. He is seen as the dream successor of the Brit at the successful racing stable when he stops. “I really don’t think about that. I don’t know what Lewis is going to do. I’m focused on myself and on this season, to make it a success.”


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