Victoria Koblenko did not dare to speak out for botox through the media

The 40-year-old has recently been interviewed by Woman and that has been the reason for her to open a booklet on the subject. “Botox?” Writes the presenter. ‘Did I have a bite? Because you read on, don’t you? Do you also wonder why? Yeah, because it’s a taboo. Apparently. If it becomes a headline in a tabloid like this morning. Why? Are more people really going to read the WHOLE interview where the quote comes from? ”She openly wonders.

The columnist writes that she is disappointed that when she gives an interview, only one particular topic is zoomed in. ‘I did an interview Woman and although it had to become a kind of contemplative biographical whole, the journalist always looks for ‘what can I score with’ material. So Botox. Really? Would anyone in the Netherlands worry about seeing a doctor with a needle twice a year? ‘

‘I think it’s cowardly to lie, but by being honest you give in to the fact that the whole story is being hijacked. My entire spiritual journey of life is explained in scents and colors in a three-hour conversation and then you are reduced to botox, ”Victoria continues her story. Was it a tradeoff to lie? No not really. But this is exactly the reason that so much is being lied to by people in the media. Not because those people are liars, but because honesty is a very complicated issue in a media landscape. ‘

According to the Amsterdam woman, it is therefore not surprising that she occasionally lets herself work. ‘I’m an actress and I work with my face. But suppose I was a minister and I had done an interview about my portfolio. If that journalist had asked me the same question, I should have lied about it to make sure my honesty had diverted attention from the gist. Because we live in a time when nobody cares about the complete story or the context. It’s all clickbaits. So that a newspaper can generate more advertising income. Unless of course you The Correspondent is reading. All hope for this medium to publish a scientific article so that the general public understands that Botox does not fill your lips. ‘

‘I let the’ accept yourself as you are ‘and’ no reason for insecurity ‘come over me for a moment and am confident that I have more newsworthy in me than my cosmetic specialist’, the originally Ukrainian concludes.

Victoria was recently a guest on the last episode of Good Times, Summer Times. The actress then opened a book about her diva behavior on set.


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