Vida union on failed negotiations

The reworked points in the agreement are still a thorn in the side of the Vida. Nevertheless, you are open to further discussions.

After the failed negotiations, the Vida union has its say. In a circular, this outlines their point of view. The bottom line is: “Our hand will be stretched out!” Nevertheless, the Lauda management’s proposal, which has since been improved, is unacceptable – you cannot accept a basic salary below the poverty line or sign an agreement that contains illegal provisions .

With this, the employee representative body continues to hold on to its criticisms. And that, although the airline approached the Vida and readjusted both the salary and the disputed provisions. But that’s not enough. “An assistant in a hotel has a guaranteed basic salary of over 1,500 euros per month and additional Christmas and holiday bonuses. We cannot allow even less to be paid for a security-related profession. It is also about the working conditions of all employees across Austria. ”

The compromise proposal: a basic salary above the poverty line and a reduction in income losses for co-pilots through shifts in salaries. And that without additional costs for Lauda. In the 15-hour exchange of blows, neither the Chamber of Commerce nor the company wanted to accept the counter-proposal. Nevertheless, it is important to continue talking and not to give up jobs. Because the Vida is concerned to maintain the location in Vienna – which can not be said of the counterparties at the negotiating table.

It will continue to work to ensure that Lauda again takes advantage of short-time work, extends short-time work and also seeks government aid. All of these measures would mean that personnel costs would not already be decisive for the location. You can bridge here for up to two years. After that, the general conditions of the airlines would look better anyway. In addition, Ryanair’s booking situation would obviously develop satisfactorily again. “So there is no reason to end the negotiations now!”

The appeal to the management: “Let’s continue to negotiate!”


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