Video: BMW’s electric car division realizes a spectacular flight with a propeller suit

Among the German automakers, BMW seems to be the most reluctant to rely on fundamentally newly developed electric cars for the future – perhaps this is also why the global company from Bavaria regularly earns ridicule from Tesla fans when it asks for reactions to the brand or model on Twitter. A current PR campaign on the Internet, however, could be more popular, if only because it has little to do with cars, but it is all the more fascinating: BMW made it possible for the presentation of its iX3 electric car to climb with the help of an electrified wingsuit.

Flying with electric car competence

As the company explains with a package of information, it took three years from the idea to the implementation of the project with the wingsuit pilot and stuntman Peter Salzmann from Austria. The BMW iX3 only plays a role insofar as it can initially be seen briefly at the edge of the picture in the video and at the end, in addition to the main brand, that of the electric car sub-brand i is displayed while an iX3 disappears towards the sun. And BMW explains that in order to make the flight possible, they used the i-competence for electric drives and batteries.

Normal wingsuits allow you to fly horizontally like a paraglider, but with a much faster loss of height because only the area between arms and legs can be used as a wing. According to the BMW announcement, you can travel up to three meters per meter of fall and reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Like many extreme athletes, Salzmann can’t get enough of it – and at least he got a powerful boost from BMW in the form of two shielded propellers on the gliding suit, which even enable a short climb.

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To demonstrate the new possibilities of the impeller suit, Salzmann and BMW use it in a spectacular scenario. The stuntman and two wingsuit colleagues jump out of a helicopter at an altitude of 3000 meters. All three of them start to fly in the direction of a mountain range. The two pilots in regular suits are losing altitude too quickly and have to fly around it. Salzmann, however, activates his electric drive with two 7.5 kilowatts of power on his stomach – and immediately becomes significantly faster in the video and gains height. So he can fly over the summit and finally lands on a meadow, cheered by the waiting team on the parachute.

Entertaining future marketing

According to BMW, the video and accompanying material are part of a series called NextGen with “other interesting stories”. According to the information on it, the website belongs to the main brand, not specifically to the i-electric cars, and promises modern entertainment and information from mid-November. BMW does not seem to want to captivate the world with compulsory electric cars for the time being – models on special electric platforms such as Tesla and now many others will only be available from 2025. But at least the Bavarians offer entertaining future marketing until then.


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