Video call function Facebook with up to 50 people now available

Facebook recently announced Messenger Rooms for the US, now the feature is rolling out globally, the company reports.

The video chats with large groups have no time limit. Rooms work in the Messenger app for iOS and Android, and for Mac and Windows. In the US, the video chats can also be started from the Facebook app, which is not yet the case here.

Participate without an account

Rooms, like some other video calling services, offers the option to join a conversation without an account. Anyone with the correct link can participate in the conversation. A notable step for Facebook, which normally keeps most of its features for logged in users. The room manager can remove uninvited guests.

WhatsApp and Instagram

The Rooms feature should eventually also be added to Instagram and WhatsApp, when exactly isn’t known. The video calls are not end-to-end encrypted, in the long run Facebook wants to build that in.

The popularity of video calling has risen considerably due to the corona virus. The use of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, among others, increased rapidly. Many apps and services recently received additional functions regarding video calling.


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