Video: Giga presses for German Tesla factory are installed – and the first desks

The work on Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin has largely shifted to the interior: the outer shell of the two main buildings is as good as finished, and in mid-February, the Brandenburg state government granted Tesla the installation of a further advance approval Machines for electric car production. As a new video shows, this also seems to affect the Giga presses with which Tesla in Grünheide wants to cast large parts of the vehicle frame from one piece. And the first offices in Giga Berlin are already being set up.

Big Tesla plans with Giga presses

The Giga presses, so named by the Italian manufacturer Idra, are playing an increasingly important role in Tesla’s Gigafactorys. These are die-casting machines in a dimension that has not yet been used. In the Tesla factory in Fremont, USA, the rear frame for the Model Y has recently been produced in one piece, as is the Gigafactory in China. Eight of these will be used in Germany and, in addition to the rear, will also produce the front frame element for the Model Y.

The arrival of the first parts for the Giga-Presses from Italy in Grünheide was already observed in December 2020. And as a new drone video from observer @tobilindh shows, they are now also being installed. This can be seen on his flyby, because the outside of the Gigafactory building is still open at the place intended for the giant machines.

On the recordings shown in super slow motion, many parts are still packed or are under tarpaulin, but the characteristic shapes of the giga presses are gradually becoming recognizable. Apparently four of the eight die-casting machines are currently being installed, and a bridge crane can be seen above them.

Gigafactory offices are set up

As the video from this weekend can also be seen, progress is not only made with the installation of the production technology for Giga Berlin, but also with the furnishing of their office workplaces. Tesla planners are currently working from a multi-story container village that was built on the southern edge of the construction site. But in the finished factory, offices on the second floor of the square building are intended for drive production east of the long main building. The windows have even been built in here – and through them you can see (out of focus) that there are a few rows of desks behind them.

Brandenburg’s Minister of Economic Affairs recently had not ruled out a delay in the Tesla production start in Germany, which was planned for this July according to applications. However, it was later announced that Tesla plans to produce the first prototypes of the Model Y in Grünheide this May. According to current statements from Tesla to logistics companies, series production is to begin in July or August.


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