Video: Helpful car driver wants to stop the autonomously driving Tesla Model 3 in the parking lot

In Germany it is still severely limited due to a lack of official approval, but in the USA the FSD package from Tesla for future autonomous driving includes a function that comes very close to the goal: With “smart summon”, Tesla owners can do theirs Order electric cars in parking lots via app over a distance of up to 150 meters without anyone sitting in them. According to reports, this now works quite reliably – but is still unfamiliar for the environment, as a current video shows.

SUV driver runs after Model 3

If you don’t know anything about the Tesla function, the sight of a moving car without a person behind the wheel can be terrifying. And that’s exactly what happened in a parking lot in the US state of Pennsylvania last weekend, the owner of a Model 3 reported in a YouTube video shortly afterwards. Thanks to the dashcam function in his Tesla, he was even able to document what was happening.

The Tesla owner reported that he had come from a restaurant and wanted to summon his car. As can be seen in the dashcam video (the function also records images from the side cameras), the electric car parked at a right angle started moving as intended and turned left onto the parking lot lane. First, the Model 3 passes the dark SUV parked next to it and then a white one a few places down the road.


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The woman behind the wheel of the white SUV seems to have observed this, because no sooner has the semi-autonomous Tesla rolled past her than she hurries out of the car and runs after him. Because the Model 3 is not traveling fast, she caught up with it after a few meters. What she does then cannot be seen in the video because of the unfavorable camera angle. But the owner of the Tesla wrote it down: She leaned against the A-pillar to stop the Model 3.

Similar experience with another Tesla

As soon as he saw that, he stopped his car, the owner continues. The helpful woman was very embarrassed about what had happened. In the video, there is no movement to be seen for a few seconds after the called Tesla has stopped, then the helper goes back to her own car and seems to turn around laughing again. She received a lot of praise in the YouTube comments for her well-intentioned, albeit unnecessary, effort – and another Tesla owner wrote that almost the same thing happened to him in a supermarket parking lot recently. It will therefore be a while before moving cars without people behind the wheel are a completely normal sight.


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