Video: Man in Model 3 flees from a car robber with a gun – Tesla boss impressed

In several large cities in the US there has been a massive increase in cases of so-called carjacking over the past year – cars are not simply stolen from the parking lot, but are robbed by their drivers with violence or threats directly on the street. A Tesla owner in Florida has now escaped such an attack, probably through a mixture of presence of mind and the seamless acceleration of his Model 3. Thanks to the dashcam function with the cameras in every Tesla, he was also able to document the dangerous events.

Armed man runs to Model 3

He had never been threatened with a firearm before, the person concerned later told the local TV station Action News Jax, to which he also made the recordings available. The man has been in the Navy for 15 years, as he said.

The scene shown begins with a look out of the rear-facing fender camera of the Model 3, which is in a parking lot in front of a building. The driver obviously doesn’t suspect any harm, because he has his window open and is easily holding out his hand. In the pictures you can already see that a man with a scarf over his face comes running from behind. In his right hand he has a pistol which he keeps pointed at the driver while he stops right next to the Tesla.

Tesla CEO Musk is impressed

Update: At first, these pictures could only be seen on TV. The person concerned later published it himself on Twitter and said that the Tesla’s acceleration, doors and cameras had saved his life. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also became aware of this and commented on the video and text with a short “wow!” The soldier said he was very grateful to be alive. Perhaps more cars should be built with bulletproof windows, he suggested to Musk – at least he would buy something like that, for which the Cybertruck would of course be available.


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In the video, the hooded attacker wants to open the door of Model 3 with his left hand after a brief hesitation. But when he tried unsuccessfully to reach for the recessed handle, the Tesla quickly began to move. The man with the pistol stumbles a little and then fires another shot at the car.

He hit the Tesla in the B-pillar, but not the Navy soldiers at the wheel, as Action News later showed and told. He ducked to the right and then accelerated as fast as he could. And that was obviously fast enough to avoid the bullet. On the TV pictures, his Model 3 can be seen as the Long Range variant, which, according to current US data, reaches 60 miles per hour in 4.2 seconds.

Save Tesla images with a horn

In the successful escape, it should also have helped that this acceleration starts so smoothly and silently, so that the attacker did not have time to react. And the fact that the police can now look for the perpetrator with sharp images is also thanks to the fact that the Tesla can have the last few minutes of camera images saved with a simple horn signal.


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