Video: Olive-green Tesla Model Y with off-road conversion shortens waiting for cyber truck

As soon as the first Tesla Model Y was delivered in North America this March, street tuners pounced on it – because the electric crossover is also available in a performance variant that promises fun and good times on racetracks. Instead of lower, Tesla’s electric cars are occasionally placed higher, the Model 3, for example, by the German specialty company delta 4 × 4. And the Tesla Model Y has now received its first off-road treatment, as a new video shows.

Military-style Tesla Model Y

Actually, he wanted the Tesla Cybertruck, explains the YouTuber i1Tesla at the beginning of his post. In the meantime, he had to take the Model Y, which needed a few modifications for more off-road ability and appearance. In addition, strictly speaking, it is more of an overland than an off-road electric car, meaning more for long tours than for extreme challenges.

The YouTuber optically approximated its Model Y to the upcoming Tesla pickup with the help of the exterior color. It has a foil in light olive – the Cybertruck comes from the factory only in steel color, but it also has a military effect. In the case of Model Y in the video, a (self-made) roof rack and large and coarse tires also contribute to the more martial appearance. The interior is also black, like the Cybertruck prototype.

For more ground clearance, the Tesla Model Y has also been raised by 4 inches, a good 10 centimeters. The kit for this comes from the well-known provider Mountain Pass Performance, who describes everything over 1.75 inches as too much. With the Tesla Model 3, the same set can be used for elevation, writes the tuner. Unlike Model S and Model X, Model 3 and Model Y have so far not been equipped with air suspension ex works, which, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, should remain so.

First Tesla with off-road mode

But the Model Y was the first Tesla to have a special off-road mode that i1Tesla activated for testing its higher-performance version. This makes the quiet electric car a good lookout point in the US state of North Carolina; it is partly paved, but then has some ugly holes and steep slopes. Apart from the Overland concept, there are no other special challenges to be mastered. On the way up, the Tesla Model Y consumes 41 percent of its battery capacity with large tires and little air pressure. Thanks to recuperation, 21 percent is enough to return to the start supercharger.


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