Video: Police stop robot taxi – it’s off

In San Francisco, police officers were amazed when they tried to control a taxi. There was no driver on board and initially drove away.

A curious police check was filmed by a passer-by and then uploaded to Twitter. You can see how police officers in San Francisco first stop a vehicle. When they want to question the driver, they find out that it is a self-driving taxi. This then suddenly accelerates and moves away from the control while one of the police officers tries to open the door.

A few meters further on, the robot taxi drives to the side, stops and switches on the warning lights. The police officers drive behind and then take a closer look at the vehicle. Here the video:

What exactly happened

The robot taxi is a vehicle from the provider Cruise. Along with Waymo, Cruise has permission to operate such robotic taxis in San Francisco. According to US media reports, the police wanted to check the vehicle because no lights were on despite the night hour.


Twitter shared Cruise
later that the police officers noticed that it was a robot taxi and called a special number intended for such cases. The scene seemed stranger to passers-by than it actually was to the police officers on site. It was also intentional that the taxi initially moved away. According to Cruise, the vehicle had moved to a safer position for inspection.

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