Video service Zoom affected by interference problems

That confirms the company behind the app on its own website. The malfunction was first noticed by the company on Sunday just after 4 p.m.

According to the app builder, only a small group of users is affected by the malfunction. At the moment, the developer is still looking for the possible cause of the problems.

Giant growth

Zoom has grown enormously in a short time. The video service proved to be a great solution for the many home workers who wanted to meet during the corona crisis. You can participate in such a meeting with a single click.

However, it soon turned out that the app was not very safe, because your Windows password could be leaked, among other things. In updates, the developer has resolved multiple issues, but many schools and the Department of Defense forbid using the service.


Many other developers are also trying to jump into the video calling hole. Facebook recently started Messenger Rooms, with which you can meet up to 50 people at the same time.


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