Video: The latest beta software for autonomous driving at Tesla has already learned a lot

The select few Tesla owners in the USA who have been able to test the beta software for autonomous driving since October 2020 have received a new version. Several of them reported this over the weekend and a little later followed the first videos with their experiments. The Tesla software 2020.48.35.1 already contains the tenth beta version of the system, also known as FSD (for Full Self-Driving), and as one of the tests shows, it is now capable of situations where it failed until recently. CEO Elon Musk was also satisfied with it on Twitter.

Autopilot makes way for oncoming traffic

“FSD Beta 10 is a total life hack and the best update so far,” said the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Club on Twitter, and the Tesla boss agreed with the words “that’s a good one”. As a ten-minute video from the club shows, one could actually think that the Tesla in it is being controlled by an attentive person instead of a computer.

For example, the electric car (probably a Model X) brakes early and gently when an oncoming vehicle comes far into its lane. Then the autopilot makes room by steering over the right line to limit its own lane until the encounter is over; this process is extremely fluid. And when the traffic light control fails or is switched off at an intersection (the signal flashes red), the Tesla stops, waits briefly and continues across the free cross street.

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In another situation, Model X is approaching an intersection where it has to give way in both directions. The FSD software masters this too. Cars first come in quick succession from the left and right, which the Tesla patiently lets pass. But when a sufficient, but not huge, gap opens up, he uses it and makes a neat turn to the left.

German Tesla owners have to wait

According to the YouTuber, a maneuver in the driver’s seat was successful for the first time in the latest test: After turning right onto a multi-lane road, the Tesla has to get into the left lane in order to stay on the right path according to the navigation. It has not worked so far, comments the (non-) driver. But this time the autopilot does everything right here too.

It will take around the tenth or eleventh version of the FSD software before a larger group of Tesla owners have the chance to experiment with it, CEO Musk had previously announced. For the time being, this should only apply to the USA, even if interested parties from other countries ask on Twitter practically every day when it is finally their turn. One way or another, the move to Germany is likely to be a long time coming. Because in November 2020, Musk announced that after the USA first Canada and then Norway would come.


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