VideoLAN’s best free tools

Every ambitious PC user knows the VLC Media Player. But do you also know the other free tools from the VLC makers?

The VLC Media Player is known to every ambitious PC user. The free tool plays almost any video format, can convert and stream. It is not for nothing that it already has hundreds of thousands of downloads in the download area of ​​PC-WELT. Not so many PC users know anymore that VideoLAN is behind the popular media player. VideoLAN is a non-profit project of the engineering school École Centrale Paris from Châtenay-Malabry near Paris. The programs developed by VideoLAN are all released under the GNU license, ie free of charge and with permission to modify the program. On the other hand, even fewer users know that VideoLAN has long published other programs for download. We’ll tell you what they are and where you can download the tools.

Many of the VideoLAN programs are aimed at professionals. But one or the other software is also well suited for less experienced PC users. For example, the VLC Media Player Skin Editor is a program in the VideoLAN portfolio that you can use to customize the appearance of your media player. Other tools from the VLC makers appeal to more pointed target groups – such as DVBlast, which is aimed specifically at Linux users.

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