Vienna: Ryanair announces first winter destinations

Flights are also operated by Buzz, Lauda and Malta Air.

In the winter flight schedule 2020/21, the Ryanair Group will serve 15 additional destinations from Vienna that were not served by Lauda in the previous year. It is operated by the group airlines Ryanair DAC, Lauda, ​​Buzz and Malta Air.

The Irish low-cost airline makes a verbal all-round attack against Austrian Airlines and the Austrian government in the media statement. The company accuses the Lufthansa subsidiary of being protected by increasing the ticket tax, which is due to take effect on September 1, 2020. Ryanair recommends that passengers buy tickets before this date, but it should be noted that this group of companies subsequently asked its passengers to checkout as part of the increase in taxes in Germany. Those who did not want to pay the increased tax had to stay at home.

Ryanair will serve the following destinations from Vienna in the 2020/21 winter flight schedule:

When pointing out that many of the destinations in the list above are already served by Lauda or Ryanair from Vienna, it was explained that “new” refers to the fact that they were not yet offered by Lauda in the 2019/20 winter flight schedule .


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