Viewers are running away from linear television – the reasons

The classic, linear TV program is only watched by a much older audience. The reasons.

While streaming channels are booming, watching classic, linear TV is aging. The media news service dwdl evaluated the figures from AGF Videoforschung and GFK.

The average person in front of the telly is 59 years old

In the first half of 2022, the average age of the people sitting in front of a television and watching linear TV programs from ARD, ZDF, RTL, Sat1, Pro7, etc. was 59. This is a new high for the average age of TV viewers, continuing the trend of recent years: 2017 – 54 years, 2018 – 55, 2019 – 56, 2020 – 57, 2021 – 58 years. The average age of classic TV viewers will probably continue to rise in the coming years.

The target group of viewers aged 14 to 29 recently spent only 55 minutes a day in front of the telly. The over-50s, on the other hand, sit in front of the television for 325 minutes every day.

The reasons for this development are obvious: the average age of Germans continues to rise, while the proportion of people under the age of 25 is constantly falling. Above all, however, younger people are increasingly only using streaming offers and forgoing linear TV. In other words: More and more people are no longer letting the TV stations dictate what they have to see, but simply look for what they want to see from the streaming offer.

If you still reach for the classic channels, you often watch the program of your choice in one of the media libraries and thus also do without the linear TV.

More and more streaming providers

One streaming provider after another is springing up, the latest streaming offer for Internet users from Germany is the free and advertising-financed Freevee from Amazon. If you subscribe to all streaming offers, you will lose a lot of money, we did the math: I subscribed to every streaming service – now I’m broke!

Streaming: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ & Co. in comparison

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