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viewers are shocked by ‘horror clown’ Rob Kemps

You will probably have noticed that last night it was time for the fourth episode of The TV Canteen. While many Dutch people are smiling in front of the TV on Thursday evening, this turned out to be slightly different in this episode. Viewers were especially shocked by ‘Rob Kemps’.

The program was on this fourth episode The smartest person central. For example, Philip Freriks, Maarten van Rossem Francis van Broekhuizen, Emma Wortelboer and Rob Kemps were imitated on RTL 4. Later also Beau van Erven Dorens, René van der Gijp and Hugo de Jonge appeared, and Bram Krikke and Kim Feenstra also appeared. in The smartest person.

Kemps in TV Canteen

According to Twitterers, the characters all cause hilarity, except for one. Viewers were very shocked by the simulated appearance of the Snollebollekes singer. He won last season The smartest person and this final was simulated on Thursday evening.

(The text continues below the tweets).

Kemps seems to find it funny himself. He posts an excerpt in his Instagram story The TV Canteen with: ‘Jaaaa… In the TV Canteen !!’.

Praise to Elise

Also on Thursday, the viewing figures for the hilarious program rose to over a million again. Since 2009 we have seen Irene Moors and Carlo Boszhard imitate famous Dutch people in the program.

Next The smartest person other well-known programs and series were also simulated. So we saw The Crown, with Elise Schaap as Margaret Thatcher, Francis van Broekhuizen as Queen Elizabeth and Carlo Boszahrd as Prince Charles. We also saw a piece of it Married at First Sight and the Swedish crime seriesThe Bridge.

Since 2016, Elise Schaap also stars The TV Canteen. He has played such characters as Queen Máxima, Chantal Janzen, Estelle Cruijff, Olcay Gulsen and Davina Michelle.

But of course we also know Schaap from the series Undercover, in which she played Daniëlle (the wife of Ferry Bouwman). Last night the actress combined these two programs: Daniëlle melted together with Beth Harman The Queen’s Gambit.

Elise received a lot of praise from viewers last night for her performances:

Elise Schaap wears De TV Kantine with flying colors: what are the best characters?

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De TV Kantine: viewers are shocked by ‘horror clown’ Rob Kemps and a lot of praise for Elise Schaap


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