Viewers Four Hands On One Belly impressed by Jaimie Vaes

Jasmijn is pregnant with Majid, with whom she is no longer together. Faith in particular plays a major role in this. “Majid is a Muslim”, says Jasmijn. “That creates mutual misunderstanding.” Jasmijn herself had a difficult childhood. Her mother was on her own, with six children. “I did not realize that we were not well off. I was ashamed of it. I could not really be a child myself.”

Jasmijn has no money for her own accommodation, so she lives with her mother and stepfather, where the baby also sleeps in her room. Majid helps Jasmijn as much as he can. “He gave me a car to make it easier for me to go shopping.”

As soon as Jaimie is a guest at Jasmijn, the two ladies start talking about Jasmijn’s life. When Jasmijn tells her that she would like to do something with singing and dancing, Jaimie advises her that a piece of paper is important after all. “Singing and dancing can always be your hobby and you can also become successful at it, but a diploma is still important.” Jaimie also gives advice on the financial situation. “She must realize that if Majid leaves, she has someone else to take care of.” That’s why she takes Jasmijn to a budget coach, for example.

Viewers are very impressed by how Jaimie deals with Jasmijn. “Everyone has comments on Jaimie, but what a beautiful woman with a sweet, caring interior she is,” someone writes on Twitter. Another: ‘I think Jaimie is one of the better help mothers with this program in this series so far!’

You can see the broadcast of Four Hands On One Belly here.


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