Viewers melt away with the love of Herman and Fleur from BzV

When Fleur took part in 2016 farmer seeks wife Herman already lived with his parents in France, about two hundred kilometers south of Paris. The two have been together for more than three years now and Fleur even has plans to emigrate, but the corona virus throws a spanner in the works. “I just don’t want to take the risk,” says Fleur.

Fleur has always realized that she might have to emigrate to France because of her participation in the program. “My mother asked me if I was aware of it. But I really feel at home there.”

After more than three years, the butterflies still flutter like never before. “Herman still makes me happy,” she says beamingly. Herman also still has those special feelings. “I am always happy when Fleur drives up the path. We are no longer in the first week of love, but we are still very happy with each other,” he says.

Fleur will soon go to France to really emigrate. She leaves much behind for that: her horse, her successful job as a teacher and her family. Still she talks about it. “Love conquers everything. We just go for it. It is good between us and we all see it.”

The viewers of farmer seeks wife love the story of Fleur and Herman. They almost melt away.


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