Viewers moved by a poignant Nicky Verstappen documentary

In the documentary, Ewout follows the investigation into this case for three years. He follows the developments closely and talks to Nicky’s tent mates. Together with them and the detectives, they go for the first time after more than 20 years to the place where Nicky disappeared from the tent. “It breaks you that one of your best friends just disappeared and was found dead,” says one of Nicky’s friends.

The documentary stirred up a lot. Last weekend it was announced that Jos B., who was convicted in this case last week, has instituted summary proceedings. He did not want the documentary to be on TV, but the judge decided that it could be broadcast anyway. The first part of the series caused a lot of emotional reactions from viewers. ‘What an impressive documentary’, one viewer writes. ‘What strength his parents have, so beautiful’, writes another. Some viewers also think that this documentary deserves a Golden Televizier Ring.

The first part was broadcast last night. Tonight at 8:30 PM you will see the second part of ‘The Nicky Verstappen case: behind the scenes in the police investigation on RTL 4. The first part can also be seen on Videoland.

You can see everything about this documentary below.


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