Viewers Respond To Plot Twist In WIDM Finals

For many it was a great surprise that one more candidate would drop out before the announcement of the Mol. It was also a big surprise for the participants. In the Who is the mole?podcast tells Charlotte that she was told at the last minute that something else was going to happen. A little later it turned out that someone else would drop out, and that unfortunately that was the political reporter.

More than three million viewers responded en masse on Twitter about Charlotte’s weight loss. So Charlotte plays 7K out of the pot and is not de Mol? With such candidates you can lean back as a mole laughing laughing with your arms folded over each other? ‘ someone writes. Someone else didn’t understand the twist. ‘Why send the losing candidate away now? Because Charlotte and Rocky were both on Renée and there would be no winning finalist and losing finalist with three? So many questions!’

Many other people say that they are fed up with their points in the Who is the mole?app. They’d bet them on Charlotte, not knowing anyone else was going to fall off. ‘I spread every episode on Charlotte and Renée and not now, because I thought everyone would continue. I’m so stupid, ‘writes a disappointed viewer.

The episode of Wie is de Mol? you look back here.


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