Viewers shudder by manipulative ex in Zeeman confronts: stalkers

Myrthe has been stalked by her ex-boyfriend for over 7 months. A pathological liar who fools everyone that he is a private pilot for the rich and famous is. When Myrthe finds out that none of his stories are correct, she ends the relationship. Since then Myrthe has lived in constant fear and even her environment has to suffer. Thijs tries to stop her ex once and for all.

Because she is terrified, she walks around day and night with a so-called alarm button. “I can’t go down the street without an alarm button. I’m always afraid that he will harm me”, she tells Thijs.

Thijs tries to question the man in question, but he is not waiting for that. He quickly puts on his hood and gets into his car, which shocked viewers. “This is scary,” writes one of the viewers on Twitter. “What a sick guest,” writes another viewer.

Zeeman confronts: stalkers can be seen every Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM on RTL 5.

You can see everything about this new program below.


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