Viewers The TV Kantine full of praise for centipede Elise Schaap

Olcay Gulsen, Emma Heesters, Melania Trump, Miljuschka Witzenhausen, Famke Louise, Roos van Buy Without Looking; the list of brilliant characters that Elise has mastered is enormous. Although the actress has been seen for a few seasons alongside Carlo Boszhard and Irene Moors, she continues to amaze the viewers. Elise carries The TV Canteen‘and’ Emma Heesters, another good one from Elise. Without her The TV Canteen nothing at all ‘, it sounds enthusiastically on Twitter.

The TV Canteen is now already working on the twelfth season. “This season we have even more songs, many from the 80s. I really enjoy doing that”, Elise, who after a number of seasons is increasingly contributing to the content, told it earlier. NewsABC.net. “I get to leave my mark on the program a little more. And just like Carlo, I really enjoy doing songs, so they come across more.”

In the second episode, Elise and Carlo sang a very special version of ‘Una Paloma Blanca’, namely: ‘Una Corona Drama’.

The TV Canteen kicked off last week with a king’s special, but was criticized for the parody of Amalia, played by Najib Amhali. Justine Marcella also thought it was inappropriate.

The TV Canteen can be seen every Thursday evening at 8.30 pm on RTL4.


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