Viktor Verhulst shares first photo with his girlfriend Sarah on Instagram

Viktor Verhulst can now be seen in The Verhulstjes as “single”, but actually he has been a couple with Sarah for several months. And he is now also making that relationship Instagram official.

A few weeks ago it became known that Viktor, the son of Gert Verhulst, is no longer single. He found love with 21-year-old influencer Sarah Puttemans.

Viktor and Sarah

In an interview with HUMO, Viktor already told a bit more about his relationship with Sarah. So we found out that the two got to know each other in the summer of 2020. Viktor took the first step, but Sarah did not take it immediately. Eventually she fell for his charms and in the meantime they have been a couple for several months.

Still, Sarah cannot be seen in the reality series The Verhulstjes, in which Viktor and the rest of his family are followed. That is probably a conscious choice of the couple who kept their relationship a secret at the time of the shooting. But we may see her soon, because Viktor’s sister Marie made her relationship with Jef known just before they were on the program together.

Check out the adorable photo of Viktor and Sarah here:

Sarah also shared the photo on Instagram:

The Verhulstjes can be seen every Thursday on Play4 and GoPlay.be.


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