Vinted, Momox, Zalando, Sellpy: Second-hand online shops in comparison

Between social distancing, lockdown light and home office, I finally had time this year to clean out my closet. Within a few hours I had three Ikea bags full of used, but still intact and in some cases hardly used clothes that I wanted to sell. But where do you do it best?

The list of online sellers is long, because shopping for second-hand clothing has long since arrived in the midst of society. 56 percent of Germans have already bought second-hand clothing, according to the result of a representative survey by the second-hand platform Ubup. Purchasing is increasingly shifting online: 63 percent of second-hand sales are already taking place online.

More and more so-called reseller platforms are making use of this development. These online retailers first buy used clothing from their customers and then sell them on. This year, two new big players in the fashion industry launched their own resale platforms in Germany: Zalando started with Zircle in September and H&M as the majority owner of Sellpy in summer 2020.

However, the market is competitive: Ubup, a brand of the recommerce company Momox, has been active since 2013 and, according to its own statements, is the largest second-hand online shop for clothing to date. And then there are also resellers specializing in luxury fashion such as Vite en Vogue or Vestiaire Collective. Since I hardly own any clothing from luxury brands, I only do the test with the platforms for everyday clothing.

I chose the four platforms Momox (Ubup), Zalando Zircle, Sellpy and Vinted (Kleiderkreisel) and tested them myself. In the picture gallery at the end of the article, I draw the comparison.

But first, here is an overview of the various platforms and what they offer:

Zircle (Zalando)

Since 2018, Zalando has been buying used clothing, shoes and bags via the “Zalando Wardrobe” app – it has been called Zircle since September. Via Buy It Now, customers can sell their used clothing for a fixed price that Zalando calculates based on algorithms. The app is also a marketplace for users to sell to one another. In September of this year, Europe’s largest online fashion retailer started selling second-hand clothing on the Zalando platform in the “Pre-Owned” category. Zalando takes on the advertising and sales, but collects high margins and the consumer only receives a small portion of the final resale price. The concept is getting off to a good start: in six weeks, the company bought around 100,000 parts and sold several tens of thousands, according to a spokesman.


Momox GmbH is the leading re-commerce company in Europe and started selling used books and media back in 2004. In 2013 the company also started buying fashion. Via Buy It Now, customers can sell their used clothing via the Momox website for a fixed price, which Momox – like Zalando – calculates based on algorithms. The platform takes over the shipping and sales, but collects high margins for this, so consumers only receive around 30 percent of the final resale price. The second-hand clothes are then resold via the online shop

Vinted (clothing top)

In Germany, the Lithuanian parent company Vinted started the Kleiderkreisel platform in 2008. Since the end of 2020, the Kleiderkreisel and Mamikreisel brands have also been combined in Germany under the name Vinted. Vinted is a customer-to-customer platform and does not buy clothes directly, but offers its users the opportunity to buy and sell used clothes, shoes and accessories themselves via a marketplace, similar to eBay.


Sellpy is a subsidiary of the H&M Group and Sweden’s largest second-hand online shop (launched in 2014). In the summer of 2020, Sellpy also started buying and selling used clothing, decorative and household items and small electrical appliances in Germany. The retailer does not offer immediate purchase, but rather acts as a middleman via its own brokerage platform. Unlike Vinted, however, the customer first sends the goods to Sellpy, and the company then takes over the listing, sales and shipping for the customers. In return, Sellpy retains 60 percent of the sales price plus an advertising fee for one euro

With none of the providers, the customer pays the incoming shipping, but the package fees, should you decide to return the item after checking.

Here is a comparison of the four platforms:

Second-hand resellers put to the test: Vinted, Momox, Zalando Zircle and Sellpy


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