Violating corona rules will cost NBA player Kyrie Irving $ 870,000

A corona party costs basketball player Kyrie Irving about $ 870,000 (720,000 euros). The NBA fined the player $ 50,000 for violating corona rules. In addition, he loses from his club Brooklyn Nets $ 410,000 wages per game that he misses due to his mandatory quarantine.

It has been known for some time that lockdown parties can be an expensive joke. But for basketball players in the American basketball league NBA, the fines are just a little bigger.


Kyrie Irving, star player with the Brooklyn Nets, has missed several games in recent weeks for “personal reasons”. In the meantime, a movie of himself surfaced in which he stood without a mask among people at a birthday party of his sister.

The NBA investigated those images and today fined the player $ 50,000 (41,500 euros) for violating the corona rules imposed by the competition.


In addition, Kyrie Irving is also required to spend some time in quarantine and several negative corona tests before he is allowed to return to the Brooklyn Nets. As a result, he misses at least two games. According to the rules of the NBA, his club can therefore deduct about $ 410,000 wages per game.

Kyrie Irving will not have to pass up a sandwich, however. This season he earns more than 33 million dollars (27.5 million euros).


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