Violence against women: three angles

Tell those affected. In conversation: a woman who has suffered violence. A man who was violent. And a lawyer about conflicts.

“Something bad always has to happen before action is taken,” said Maria Rösslhumer, head of the Autonomous Women’s Shelters Association this week. “Very bad” has already happened eleven times this year – eleven women have been killed.

The turquoise-green government promised to act to better protect women and girls. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) initially wants to change the Weapons Act: the withdrawal of weapons documents in the event of a ban on entering or approaching should be more strictly regulated. Justice Minister Alma Zadić (Greens) announced an increase in funds for victim protection on Saturday.

A round table is planned in the Federal Chancellery on Wednesday. The video conference, to which 30 organizations are invited, is only scheduled for 90 minutes. Some therefore worry that their concerns might not be heard again.

Wrestling for money

The victim protection organizations recently criticized that they were chronically underfunded. There are 300 clients for one counselor at the Vienna Intervention Center. Funding is also a struggle for associations that work with perpetrators every year, says Andreas Haydn from the men’s counseling service in Vienna. “Violence is a problem for society as a whole, but it is pushed back and forth like a hot potato by politicians.” He calls for long-term secure basic funding and a central office that coordinates projects and funding.

But money alone is not enough. The key – and the head of the women’s refuge Rösslhumer also sees it this way – is a network of all organizations, from the authorities as well as the victims and perpetrators.

The KURIER also tries to take a comprehensive look and spoke to three different actors: With a woman who was abused by her partner for years. With a man who abused his wife. And with a lawyer who describes where the potential for conflict is.

Here are the three stories:


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