Viral TikTok hack shows how to regain your taste after corona infection

One of the symptoms of a corona infection is the loss of your taste and smell. It can stay that way even after you are healed. But on TikTok there is now a hack that seems to help some to get your taste (partly) back.

Those who have already had the coronavirus may have lost their sense of taste and smell for a while. But for those who are still struggling with this, TikTok may have the solution.


TikTokker Kemar Gary Lalor contracted the corona virus a few months ago. In doing so, he lost his sense of taste, just like his mother. But his mom had a hack to get his taste back. And it turned out to work.

Kemar shared the hack on TikTok after which many others also tried it out. It showed that the hack doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for some. And since it’s cheap and easy, there’s no harm in trying.


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Burnt orange with brown sugar

The hack is actually very simple. You take an orange and put it with the skin around it on the open fire of a gas stove, or in a pan if you don’t have a gas stove. You leave the orange until the skin is completely blackened.

Then peel the orange and mix the cooked flesh with brown sugar. If you eat the stuff while it is still warm, you may be able to perceive (some) other flavors again. Thousands of people have already tried it, sometimes without success, sometimes with a little success and sometimes with great success. But if you don’t dare, you don’t win.


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Scientific explanation

British doctor Karan Raj explains in a TikTok video why the hack works for some people. He speaks of a phenomenon called olfactory training that is fueled by eating the warm orange with sugar.

Normally it takes about 4 weeks for 90 percent of people who became infected with the corona virus to regain their sense of taste and smell. But by incorporating strong flavors and smells you can speed up that process.

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