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Virologist Osterhaus makes his appearance in Ranking The Stars

In the past few months, he suddenly appeared on TV: virologist Ab Osterhaus. And his performances have not come to an end yet, only this time you will see him in a different role than expected.

The most famous virologist in the Netherlands will make an appearance in the RTL moved program Ranking the Stars. Osterhaus is not the only seventy at the age of 72. Henk Krol, Patricia Paay and Gerda Havertong will also participate. Furthermore, Ryanne van Dorst and Marc-Marie Huijbregts have also promised. Last season there were 22 participants, which would mean that a lot of chairs still have to be filled before Paul de Leeuw will present.

Attention horny Osterhaus

The participation of Osterhaus is grist to the wind of various critics of his. According to some, he is quite “attention horny” and this participation probably only confirms that image.

For Krol, there is probably also a clear underlying idea, namely the promotion of his new party. In May this year, after an internal argument with the group, he left at 50PLUS and founded the Party for the Future with Femke Merel van Kooten-Arissen.

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Virologist Osterhaus makes his appearance in Ranking The Stars


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