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‘Virus Top 2000 to peak, home package measures in the making’

“The Top 2000 virus is on the rise and is reaching a peak. A home package of measures is in the making. Stay at home as much as possible during the last week of the year, ”said Radio 2 Prime Minister Jan-Willem Roodbeen and Minister Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte.

No craziness: although several long lists can be heard on the radio or are in the making, the list of the lists is coming: the Top 2000. In their morning program on Radio 2 the DJs Roodbeen and Kijk in de Vegte – this year Into De Mol Who is the mole? – a short press conference about the event between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The latter announced this on Twitter yesterday.

Blood pressure rises for the Top 2000

The online viewers saw that Roodbeen and Kijk in de Vegte pretended to be Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge during their well-known corona press conferences. Even the almost even more famous sign language interpreter stood between them.

“Every day the blood pressure is rising slightly,” said Roodbeen solemnly this morning on behalf of “the DJ council”. “The Top 2000 is on the rise. We cannot ignore it. If we look at the figures soberly, then things are going well, but we will certainly go to a peak. We can vote until December 7, so take your responsibility. Hamster your list together as much as possible. As a general advice: stay at home as much as possible during the last week of the year. Reduce the R to 2 as much as possible. ”

Top 2000 Café

During the press co – for which the 8 o’clock news was interrupted live – Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte discussed the annually popular Top 2000 Café. The DJs play the 2000 records chosen by listeners and are invariably visited by many thousands of people. “The cafe” has since been built, but it is still unclear – due to corona – whether it may be visited to a limited extent or whether it should remain empty (desolately) this year.

“That is why we are going to get the Top 2000 Café,” said Kijk in de Vegte. “We are working on a home package of measures, including beer coasters, flags and an immense do-it-yourself poster. This is how we bring the virus to a peak at home. ” Radio 2 gives listeners the opportunity to create their own Top 2000 Café.

Vote for “the list”

Look in the Vegte gave the listeners a boost. “Waiting for the Top 2000 is not always easy, but we know that we can all do it. You can find the roadmap for this on ”

The first point on the roadmap is of course voting. This year, this is possible from Tuesday December 1 (8 a.m.) to December 7 (5 p.m.).

Last year the Top 5 was: 1. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody 2. The Eagles – Hotel California 3. Billy Joel – Piano Man 4. Danny Vera – Rollercoaster (new arrival) 5. Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven.

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“Virus Top 2000 to peak, home package measures in the works”


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