Vitesse loses summary proceedings against Gelredome | Football

According to the judge, Vitesse ‘has insufficiently substantiated its claim with regard to its financial position to meet the heavy test that applies when relying on temporary or temporary changes to the lease due to unforeseen circumstances.’

The statement of the counsel of Vitesse, that the club has ended up in a dire financial situation because of the corona crisis, is not followed by the judge. The judgment finds that “there is no substantiation of the alleged loss of turnover in the various scenarios.” The judge added that “no attention has been paid to savings due to the limitations of the corona crisis.” The claim by the counsel of Vitesse that the guarantee of sole shareholder (Valeriy Oyf, ed.) Has been shortened by one year to mid-2021 is insufficiently substantiated, according to subdistrict court Wiegman.

Finally, it is noted in the judgment that in the normal situation – without a corona crisis – Vitesse would also make little use of Gelredome in the period April-September.

The process to court has a financial tail for Vitesse, which must pay for the legal costs of Gelredome.


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