Vivaldi: Professional browser now with powerful mail client

In the new version of Vivaldi, the developers integrate a mail client and many other useful functions.

The Norwegian-developed Vivaldi browser has released a new version 5.3.2679.1 for Windows, macOS and Linux, which the developers have been working towards for a long time. Because after a longer beta phase, an important innovation is being integrated into the browser with Vivaldi Mail 1.0: a full-fledged mail client in which users can add all their mail accounts.

Via Vivaldi Mail, users can access and manage all of their emails directly in their browser. In addition, Vivaldi Mail is also connected to the feed reader and the Vivaldi calendar, which are also integrated in Vivaldi, which makes it easy to share feeds or daily task lists that have been subscribed to via e-mail. Vivaldi demonstrates the possibilities in the following video:

Vivaldi mail client offers many possibilities

After installing Vivaldi, the mail client is available via the “Fully Loaded” layout. The mail accounts are set up via the settings under “Productivity Features” and “Enable Mail, Calendar and Feed”.

Vivaldi gets powerful mail client

Vivaldi also recognizes all mailing lists, conversations and related mails and sorts them into appropriate folders. The mails and their contents are stored locally on the computer and can therefore also be searched offline.

All mail providers that offer IMAP or POP3 access are supported. If you have a Gmail account, you can integrate it directly into the Vivaldi Mail client, including the calendar information stored on Google.

Lots more information including tips & tricks for Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed can be found here from the developers.

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