Vivosmart 5: New fitness tracker from Garmin

Garmin’s new fitness tracker measures heart rate and steps taken on the wrist.

Garmin introduced a new fitness tracker this week with the Vivosmart 5. The successor to the Vivosmart 4 offers an OLED screen with 10.5 x 18.5 millimeters and a resolution of 88 x 154 pixels.

Emergency help function and GPS via paired mobile phone

The fitness tracker is operated via a button and the touchscreen. Garmin has unfortunately not integrated GPS into the hardware. To record route data, users must connect their smartphone to the Garmin Connect app via Bluetooth LE. If the tracker is paired with the mobile phone, it also provides an emergency help function. For example, if the device notices a violent blow, the Vivosmart 5 automatically informs the previously defined emergency contacts with position data.

Sleep analysis and heart rate measurement

In addition to the steps taken and the heart rate, which can be sent via Bluetooth to a training computer, for example, the fitness tracker also monitors the sleep of its users. The hardware displays an evaluation including the respiratory rate immediately after waking up. With the sleep analysis deactivated, the battery life of the Vivosmart 5 is around seven days. The tracker will soon be available in Germany for around 150 euros.

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