Vlaams Belang puts Carrera Neefs out of the party

Vlaams Belang has kicked Carrera Neefs out of the party. Chairman Tom Van Greeks announced this in the weekend newspaper De Zondag. Neefs was discredited after she laid flowers on the grave of SS soldier Willem Heubel and shared a photo of it on Facebook.

Municipal councilor of Wuustwezel Carrera Neefs has been expelled from the Vlaams Belang party. A few weeks ago she was discredited after she laid a wreath on the grave of the SS soldier Willem Heubel in the Netherlands.

Carrera Neefs

Carrera Neefs
Instagram Carrera Neefs

On armistice, Carrera Neefs went to Ysselsteyn, a German military cemetery in the Netherlands. There she laid flowers at the grave of Willem Heubel, a notorious SS man. On social media she shared a photo showing that she, dressed in a German dirndl, is laying the flowers at the grave.

In the caption she wrote: “During the war there are always several sides. I’m not a denier, but I don’t forget these people either. ” Immediately there was a lot of reaction to the photo, with most of the people reacting indignantly. Willem Heubel is a well-known Dutch Nazi who had an important function within the SS during WWII. He died in April 1945 during a fight with Canadians.

Spokesperson for Vlaams Belang Jonas Naeyaert already responded to the commotion. “We are bored with the issue,” it sounded. “But Miss Neefs was asked by a surviving relative who cannot go independently to put flowers down. That next of kin also prefers to remain anonymous. We believe everyone has the right to mourn. ” The party then announced that they started an internal disciplinary procedure against Neefs.

Out of party

These disciplinary proceedings have now ended, with the result that Neefs has been expelled from the party. Party chairman Tom Van Greeks announced this to De Zondag. “Neefs has, unconsciously, caused a lot of damage to the party,” said the chairman. Initially she didn’t even want to delete her Facebook post. We subsequently asked her to sign the party charter. She didn’t want to. The party board is therefore of the opinion that its membership will be discontinued. Loyalty must come from both sides Anyone who does not sign it in these circumstances puts themselves out of the party. ”

He emphasizes that Neefs is not a neo-Nazi, but that she laid a wreath on the grave at the request of the relatives of the SS man. “I believe her when she says that was not a political statement. She has placed a wreath at the request of her next of kin. That is also allowed by me: an individual may mourn someone. But politically, she handled that very clumsily, if not stupid. That was not worth repeating. ”


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