Vodafone CallYa: 5G for everyone and more data volume

Vodafone will improve its CallYa tariffs on June 30, 2022. Then everyone can use 5G and there is more data volume.

Vodafone evaluates its

CallYa prepaid tariffs

on. From June 30, 2022 there will be five CallYa tariffs with different data volumes. Those are the improvements.

5G network for everyone

From June 30, 2022 everyone can

CallYa tariffs

Use Vodafone’s 5G network. So far, only users of CallYa Digital have surfed the 5G network by default, all other CallYa tariffs have so far been limited to the LTE mobile network, provided customers do not book 5G use at a surcharge.

The new CallYa tariffs from June 30, 2022.


The new CallYa tariffs from June 30, 2022.

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CallYa Digital incl. 5G with 20 GB for only 15 euros – plus a 40 euro voucher for free

More data volume in some tariffs

With certain CallYa tariffs there are from 30.6. more data volume. In the CallYa tariffs “Allnet Flat M” for 14.99 euros (price remains unchanged), the monthly data volume increases by one gigabyte to six gigabytes and in the tariff “Allnet Flat L” for 19.99 euros there are nine gigabytes.

For customers who only need a small data volume, Vodafone continues to provide a data volume of three gigabytes for mobile surfing every four weeks in the “CallYa Allnet Flat S” tariff for EUR 9.99 (price remains unchanged). The entry-level tariffs “CallYa Start” and “Classic” also remain unchanged.

A CallYa tariff with no volume limit is new: With “CallYa Black” for EUR 79.99, the data volume will be unlimited in the future.

All CallYa tariffs with the exception of “CallYa Classic” include flat rates for telephony and SMS dispatch in Germany and in other EU countries. There are also minute/SMS contingents for telephony and sending SMS from Germany to other EU countries.

Innovations for existing customers

Existing CallYa customers get access to the 5G network if they activate the free 5G option in the MeinVodafone app from July 1st. In the course of the coming months, the 5G option will also be automatically activated for customers who have not yet activated access by then. The data volume should also be increased automatically. Vodafone will inform all existing customers in advance of the exact time of the changeover.

Tip: CallYa Digital incl. 5G with 20 GB for only 15 euros – plus a 40 euro voucher for free

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