Vodafone contract: 86-year-old successfully defends itself against fraudsters

  • An 86-year-old man in Syke (Lower Saxony) received a cell phone contract signed by his wife with Vodafone. Only his wife has been dead for eight years.
  • Apparently, a fraudulent representative had signed the contract himself.
  • Vodafone canceled the contract and apologized to the 86-year-old.

Apparently a Vodafone representative tried to impose a fake contract on an 86-year-old man in Syke (Lower Saxony). The contract was signed by the man’s wife. The problem: His wife has been dead for eight years. The “Kreiszeitung” reports on the case.

The person concerned, Eduard Krämer, told the newspaper that he had received an order confirmation for a mobile phone contract with a triple signature one day. The signature was clearly G. Krämer – as from his wife Gerda. “Our initials are still on the front door,” says Krämer, even eight years after her death.

He suspects that a fraudulent Vodafone representative saw the doorbell and entered it in a contract form. Krämer asserts: “I never spoke to a Vodafone representative myself, let alone signed anything.” The 86-year-old reports that at the end of April a representative rang the bell and tried to speak to people in the house. But nobody let him in. The representative then stood at the door for a while and then left.

Vodafone apologizes to Krämer

A few days later, Krämer received a phone call confirming the contract, and shortly afterwards a letter. The mobile phone contract should cost 59.95 euros a month, equipped with high data volume and some additional services. His grandson finally discovered his wife’s apparently forged signature, reports Krämer. The 86-year-old then went to the police and filed a complaint.

A spokesman for Vodafone confirmed that there were several similar cases with the representative in the Syke area. The company emphasizes that the man is not a Vodafone employee, but an independent sales representative. One is examining the allegation of falsification of documents and may also want to file a complaint, said the spokesman. Vodafone has meanwhile canceled Eduard Krämer’s cell phone contract – and apologized to him.


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