Vodafone: Supra-regional disruption in the mobile network

Vodafone has been warning of a nationwide disruption in its mobile network since yesterday. Telephony and data transmission are affected.

Vodafone is currently warning of a nationwide disruption in its mobile network. In the case of mobile telephony and data transmission, there may currently be national restrictions in the 2G, 4G and 5G mobile network (the 3G/UMTS network has long since been switched off).

The warning appeared on the Vodafone forum on May 17, 2022 at 9:27 am. Since then, Vodafone has released several updates, the penultimate one was from yesterday evening (May 17) at 9:17 p.m. In it, Vodafone states that there would be a “massive defect in a server”. It goes on to say: “Technology is still on, we cannot yet give the all-clear.” And this morning (May 18, 7:55 a.m.) Vodafone said: “The defective part must be replaced. The conclusion is planned for May 19, 2022 – 6 a.m..” In this respect, it must be acknowledged that Vodafone communicated the disruption openly and always kept the users up to date.

The portal Allestör is currently not reporting any problems with Vodafone, but the progress curve shows that there were definitely disruptions yesterday.

That reports all faults to Vodafone.


That reports all faults to Vodafone.

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Tips on what to do in the event of a fault

If you have a problem with your Vodafone cable connection, you can check specifically for your connection here at Vodafone whether a fault has been reported or is known. You can also check Vodafone breaking news here to see if your location has any known connectivity issues.

Apart from the message mentioned above, there is another fault in the Vodafone network: “There are currently restrictions on DSL & ISDN in the area code 072, 076 – 078”.

However, no maintenance work has been reported. In addition, Vodafone usually puts maintenance work into the night anyway, so that at least working in the home office is not affected during normal working hours. With the early notification, Vodafone enables its affected customers to prepare in good time for the interruption of various services such as Internet access, telephony and TV reception (if it is a fixed line fault).

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