Vodafone: That’s why the mobile network was disrupted nationwide

Vodafone warns that there may be problems with telephony nationwide. But a trick seems to help. Update: The problem should be fixed.

Update 12:15 p.m .: That’s what Vodafone says about the national disruption

PC-WELT asked Vodafone for further details on the disruption. Vodafone’s press office responded promptly and informed us that the problem had already been fixed. The breaking news board is currently still


. There it is only mentioned that the technicians have tracked down the error and that the error should be corrected in the next few hours:

The problem doesn't seem to have been fixed yet.


The problem doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet.

Vodafone’s press office says: “Vodafone had restrictions on a very small part of its mobile network until 11.37 a.m. on Wednesday morning, May 4th. 55,000 customers could not make calls in the mobile network. Reason: nightly maintenance and modernization work on a central control element for voice traffic took longer than planned. This work at the Vodafone site in Ratingen was completed at 11:37 a.m. The 55,000 customers affected were able to bypass the restrictions beforehand by restarting their smartphones. Customers have been informed of this. Mobile data usage was not affected.

We apologize to affected customers for the temporary inconvenience. Regular maintenance and modernization work is absolutely necessary to ensure a sustainable supply with good network quality.”

Vodafone explains the discrepancy as follows:

“Customer service is always very careful with such restrictions, as experience has shown that there are still after-effects. But we have normal voice traffic on the network again.

Update end, beginning of the original message:

In its breaking news board, Vodafone warns that there may be national problems with telephony via the 2G and 4G mobile network. But there already seems to be a solution. Vodafone writes verbatim at 8.24am this morning:

“There are currently nationwide restrictions on telephony.

Please switch flight mode on and off or restart your device.

As soon as we have news, we will inform you here.”

At 10:04 a.m., Vodafone followed up with the following information: “Maintenance work last night is suspected to be the cause, the technicians are still working on the fault clearance.”

The 5G mobile network should therefore not be affected by the disruption. The 3G/UMTS network, on the other hand, was switched off in 2021 anyway. This disruption already seems to be reflected on alle As soon as we have new information, we will update this announcement.

Tips on what to do in the event of a fault

If you have a problem with your Vodafone cable connection, you can check specifically for your connection here at Vodafone whether a fault has been reported or is known. You can also check Vodafone breaking news here to see if your location has any known connectivity issues.

Apart from the message mentioned above, there are no other known disruptions in the Vodafone network. No maintenance work has been reported either. In addition, Vodafone usually puts maintenance work into the night anyway, so that at least working in the home office is not affected during normal working hours. With the early notification, Vodafone enables its affected customers to prepare in good time for the interruption of various services such as Internet access, telephony and TV reception (in the event of a fixed network disruption).

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