Voice control: this is how intelligent the cockpit will be in the future

This is how intelligent voice control for cars will be in the future

Supplier Cerence is known for its voice control and visions for the connected car. That will make its way into the dashboard in the future.

W.hen it comes to voice control in the car, apply BMW and Mercedes currently as a class leader! The two manufacturers offer what is probably the most advanced voice interface between man and machine for a car in this country, but the technology comes from a supplier. The US company Cerence supplies both manufacturers with his Voice AI and turns cars into intelligent means of transport.

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In the course of the digital CES 2021 the Americans have presented their latest approaches and show what can await us in upcoming vehicles from the major automakers. AUTO BILD gives an overview.

Voice control is becoming more and more intelligent

Voice control for cars will be so intelligent in the future

Compared to other voice assistants, the second generation of Cerence should be able to implement more.

© Cerence

With Cerence Drive 2.0, the company has presented its latest generation of speech processing. What stands out first of all: In version 2.0 the system Process voice input at a tremendous speed can. The software company compares itself with other big names in the industry, such as Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant. Cerence is always faster than the competition. However is take this result with caution. Google, Apple and Amazon have to deal with tons of beginnings, while Cerence is still running in test mode. How fast the new voice control really is remains to be seen. What is really exciting, however, is the complexity of the requests that the system is supposed to understand. In the future, several queries can be understood in one sentence. Entering a navigation destination paired with a call is no longer a problem.

Experience the environment thanks to eye tracking

Eye tracking is the new connectivity trend, and the necessary ones Cameras are installed in the vehicles in the course of new assistants. Cerence uses these cameras to make the environment interactive for the driver. For example, information can be requested with a view of a building. If you drive past a museum and look at it, the simple question: “What kind of building is that?” The voice assistant is already chatting away. In the further course of the request, it should also be possible to navigate or book tickets.

Alexa for the car

* Prices as of November 20, 2020

The feature is not just a dream of the future. Via over-the-air update, owners of the new Mercedes S-Class be available. In the fully electric EQS the eye tracking should work from delivery. Mercedes calls the Cerence feature “Travel Knowledge”.

Complete integration into the vehicle

Voice control for cars will be so intelligent in the future

In the future, it should even be possible to make payments using voice.

© Cerence

With the feature “Cerence Extend” In the future, the infotainment system will have access to its own smartphone. Sure, you had access to the phone in the car via Bluetooth, Apple Carplay or Android Auto, but not all functions. With his new solution, Cerence wants the Bring the most important smartphone apps into the carwithout using the phone manufacturer’s interface. In this way, the car’s native voice control can also access programs that are otherwise not designed for the car. Example: On the way home, the meal can be ordered and paid for. You just have to jump out of the car to pick it up. The phone has never been so deeply integrated into the car.


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