Volkswagen announces Power Day like Tesla’s Battery Day

Volkswagen has announced its first Power Day, which will be held next Monday. The manufacturer is strongly inspired by Tesla and its Battery Day. It will allow the brand to announce in particular its projects in terms of battery and their manufacture.

It was in September 2020 that Tesla held its last Battery Day, during which the 4680 cell was officially born. Volkswagen will therefore organize a similar event and will meet on Monday March 15 at 1 p.m. The subject seems to move away from the brand’s models, and should be more technological.

“Join us for our global event on March 15th”Volkswagen wrote. Two emoticons showing a battery and a lightning bolt leave little doubt about the subject of this conference. The appointment that VW gives specifies that “this is not a presentation of a car. “

Volkswagen is likely to communicate on its plans for the production and supply of batteries. This production rate will result in the brand’s ability to accelerate its production of electric cars. Volkswagen is receiving strong demand for the compact electric ID.3 in all markets. This year also saw the release of the ID.4 electric SUV, which should also attract a large audience.

The brand could in turn announce a new battery cell. She will surely talk about the role of her subcontractors, since the contracts are worth $ 48 million. Finally, the conversion of the Martorell plant into a battery production site should be detailed, particularly in terms of chronology.


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