Volkswagen delivered more than 30,000 electric cars in the first quarter

Driven by the new ID range, sales of electric cars are growing at Volkswagen.

Slowed down by the health crisis and the multiple launch issues that have arisen with the compact ID.3, Volkswagen’s electric offensive is gaining momentum. During the first three months of the year, the brand indicates having delivered 30,700 100% electric vehicles and 31,850 plug-in hybrid vehicles.

A good result even if sales of electric vehicles remain only a drop in the bucket at the scale of the brand. Electricity thus represents only 2.26% of the 1.36 million vehicles delivered by Volkswagen throughout the world in the first three months of the year. Barely above, the plug-in hybrid represented 2.34% of the manufacturer’s deliveries.

For Volkswagen, things should pick up on the next few months thanks to the ramp-up of the new ID.4. At the end of April, the brand said it had recorded 39,000 orders for its electric SUV for the European market alone. Globally, the automaker plans to deliver 100,000 copies of the model this year.

VolkswagenQ1 2021 deliveriesBrand sales share
Plug-in hybrid31,8502.34%
VE + VHR62,5504.60%

More than 130,000 registrations for the group

At the scale of the Volkswagen group, the rise of electric power is also clearly visible. In the first three months of the year, deliveries of electric and plug-in hybrid models more than doubled from the previous year to 133,300 units. They represent 5.48% of the 2.43 million vehicles delivered by the manufacturer over the same period.

With 73,400 vehicles delivered, the plug-in hybrid recorded the strongest growth (+ 178% compared to 2020) while the 100% electric attracted 59,900 customers (+ 78%).

Volkswagen GroupQ1 2021 deliveriesBrand sales share
Plug-in hybrid73,4003.02%
VE + VHR133,3005.48%

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