Volkswagen does not fear the arrival of Apple in the automotive industry

Apple’s entry into the electric and self-driving car market now appears to be only a matter of time. But the appearance of a competitor with such a strike force does not worry Volkswagen. The CEO of the German group does not see the IT and telephony giant revolutionizing the car.

Apple is still looking for a major partner to develop its Apple Car. The Cupertino company has long wanted to embark on the automotive adventure. But after negotiations with Hyundai and Kia, the apple brand is back to square one.

However, the attraction around the Apple Car should allow it to quickly find partners and a platform. This is indeed what Apple is looking for to launch, in order to have a less expensive base than if it had to develop it internally.

But as this potential rival gets closer month by month, the CEO of Volkswagen is not worried. According to Hubert Diess, boss of the German group, Apple “Will fail to disrupt” The automotive market. The German assures that he has ” not afraid “ of the company that will not immediately hit the market.

If an agreement was quickly reached with a manufacturer, the Apple Car could see the light of day as early as 2024. But in view of the latest developments in the negotiations, it seems more realistic to aim for 2026, or even 2028, according to various analysts. By then, manufacturers will have made progress in electrified and autonomous technologies, starting with Volkswagen.


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