Volkswagen ID.3: price, finishes, equipment … what you need to know!

Six weeks after opening orders for the ID.3 1ST, a limited edition reserved for people who have made a pre-order, Volkswagen is opening its new electric compact to everyone. Available in two battery configurations and five levels of finishes, the Volkswagen ID.3 starts from € 37,990 excluding bonus on the French market. Explanations …

Unveiled last September in Frankfurt in its final version, the Volkswagen ID.3 takes it to the next level. After having limited orders to the 1st special edition only a few weeks ago, the manufacturer is now opening its order book to all and revealing its new electric range in detail.

Pro Performance and Pro S

While waiting for the 45 kWh pack, which should arrive in the course of next year, the ID.3 range revolves around two main models: the ID.3 Pro Performance which incorporates a 58 kWh battery for a range of 436 km in the WLTP cycle and the ID.3 Pro S. Considered a “long range” version, the latter receives a 77 kWh battery and can travel up to 549 kilometers on a single charge.

On the engine side and while waiting for the announced arrival of other engines, the two versions share the same block. This develops up to 150 kW of power (204 hp) and 310 Nm of torque. If the top speed is identical to the two models (160 km / h), the ID.3 Pro S is a little less sporty due to the overweight associated with its large battery. It cuts the 0 to 100 in 7.9 seconds against 7.3 for the Performance version.

On the recharging part, both models have an 11 kW charger. Given the size of its battery, the ID.3 Pro S goes a step further with fast charging and accepts a power of 125 kW compared to 100 for the ID.3 Performance.

ID.3 Performance

ID.3 Pro S


58 kWh

77 kWh

WLTP autonomy

436 km

549 km


150 kW – 204 hp

150 kW – 204 hp


310 Nm

310 Nm

Top speed

160 km / h

160 km / h

0 – 100 km / h

3.5 s

0 – 60 km / h

7.3 s

7.9 s

Unloaded weight

1805 kg

1934 kg

AC charging

11 kW

11 kW

DC recharge (Combo)

100 kW

125 kW

Five finishes available

The ID.3 range is available in five finish levels: Life –Business – Family – Tech – Tour. In practice, the first four are reserved for the Pro Performance version while the most upscale, the “Tour”, is only available on the Pro S. As a base, all models have a capable navigation system. to optimize autonomy, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the “Comfort” telephony function with induction charging.

Available from € 37,990 excluding bonus, the “Life” is the entry level of the ID.3 and comes standard with fabric upholstery, navigation, USB ports as well as steering wheel and heated seats.

Available from € 41,890, the version “Business” takes the elements of the “Life” finish and adds the design pack including the IQ projectors. Light – Matrix LED and tinted windows. Also present is the Assistance pack with reversing camera and keyless locking and starting system.

Brighter thanks to its panoramic roof, the ID.3 “Family” starts from 43,490 €. It includes the Comfort Plus pack, which includes dual-zone Air Care air conditioning and modular boot floor.

Fourth and last level of finishes of the ID.3 Pro Performance version, the “Tech” is for technology enthusiasts. Marketed from € 44,990, it features semi-autonomous driving, head-up display, a high-end audio system and the Travel Assist package.

Reserved for the ID.3 Pro S only and its 77 kWh battery, the high-end finish ” Tower “ is displayed at € 48,990 excluding bonus. It takes the various elements of the Tech finish by adding some additional equipment such as 19-inch alloy wheels or electrically adjustable front seats.

ID.3 Pro Performance

ID.3 Pro S


€ 37,990


€ 41,890


43,490 €


44.990 €


48.990 €

ID.3 in LLD from € 299 / month

In Long Term Rental (LLD), the manufacturer communicates on an offer starting at € 299 / month for the Life finish. This includes a commitment over 37 months and 30,000 km and a first rent of € 10,000 reduced to € 3,000 after deduction of the ecological bonus of 7,000 euros. For the “Tour” version equipped with its large battery, the amount of monthly payments climbs to € 579 / month with the same duration of engagement and the same mileage.

In terms of options, you will have to pay between 690 and 890 € more if you want to get out of the “lunar gray” of the base model. Four types of rims are also offered with three sizes to choose from: 18, 19 or 20 inches.

On the electrical part, two unpleasant surprises: the heat pump which is billed at € 1,290 regardless of the level of finish chosen and the charging cable on a domestic socket. Also optional on all versions, this one is sold for 180 €.


With the launch of its new ID.3, Volkswagen is taking the opportunity to clarify its charging offer at public terminals. Free for any subscription made in 2020, the We Charge badge gives access to tens of thousands of charging points in Europe. above all, it gives the right to discounts on the terminals of the Ionity network, partly financed by the German group. While the price will not change with the non-subscription plan (€ 0.79 / min), it becomes much more interesting with the Go and Plus plans since the price can drop to € 0.30 / minute. Rather interesting for regular users …

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