Volkswagen shows ID.3 as a convertible: the CEO has already (briefly) confirmed an open electric car

If you want an electric car with a hinged roof, you have to lend a hand: Neither Tesla nor one of the pursuers has a convertible in their range so far. The combination of electric, i.e. quiet drive and the feeling of being in the open air would certainly be appealing, as some interesting Tesla conversions have already shown. From Volkswagen, there is even said to be a standard electric car convertible, as CEO Herbert Diess has already confirmed once. On Monday, VW also showed on Twitter what such an ID.3-based model could look like.

Tesla convertible so far only as a conversion

“What if we brought out a fully electric convertible like this VW ID.3?” Asked Volkswagen’s Twitter account in English on Monday and showed a computer image of this idea. At the bottom, apart from the even larger wheels, the vehicle looks similar to the ID.3 in the press photos; at the top it has no roof. The reactions in the first few hours were overwhelmingly positive.

Not unimportant for purists: the convertible does not have a B-pillar, which scoffers like to refer to as the “handle” in open vehicles. In addition, the roof at VW is completely stowed in the rear. That makes a much more elegant impression than, for example, a Tesla Model 3 with a B-pillar and high roof rucksack, as offered by a Californian company for a conversion price of at least $ 30,000.


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Why VW became active with the convertible poll on Twitter now, of all times, remained open at first. But the company has been working on such concepts for a long time, and at the beginning of February CEO Herbert Diess even confirmed that it would offer an open electric car. At least that’s what a LinkedIn message from him says the electric car observer @Elektro_Robin archived: “Several concepts in the group are currently being investigated – there is sure to be an electric convertible!”, Diess wrote accordingly.

Diess: Thinking about an electric convertible

In the meantime, the Volkswagen group boss seems to have deleted this response to a suggestion from a consultant. In any case, it was no longer to be found on LinkedIn – perhaps because Diess did not want to anticipate an official announcement. But with the Twitter campaign on Monday, an electric VW convertible actually seems to be getting closer. Diess also showed the computer photo of the open ID.3 in his own Twitter messages and wrote, “We are thinking about an electric convertible”.


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