Volkswagen targets 70% electric volume by 2030

Volkswagen ID concept family | Photo: Volkswagen

As part of its “Accelerate” strategy, Volkswagen plans to reach a volume of 70% of electric cars by 2030.

2030 is a pivotal date in the energy transition for manufacturers. While some plan to present a fully electric range in ten years like Bentley or Volvo, Volkswagen aims to sell 70% of electric cars in Europe from 2030.

Presented under the name “Accelerate”, the strategy of the German manufacturer precisely intends to accelerate the ambitions of Volkswagen. Because this new horizon is twice as large as the previous plan, which then provided for a volume of 35% of electricity on the same date.

Towards a democratization of the two-way charge

The pace will therefore increase on the side of Wolfsburg, which already has a fairly well-rounded roadmap for the coming years. But new electric cars should soon emerge. Including the entry-level Volkswagen unofficially named ID.2, which should be brought forward two years and see the light of day in 2025.

And to better convince buyers, Volkswagen could step up a gear in the development of two-way charging. This is what Ralf Brandstaätter, the boss of the brand, said during the presentation of the new strategy, which plans to generate billions in revenue with electric cars as an electricity storage solution.


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