Volocopter starts selling tickets for Volocity air taxis

The Volocity from Volocopter.


For 300 euros you can fly 6,381 kilometers from Berlin to New York. Or fifteen minutes through the air – somewhere in Europe or Asia. The crucial difference: the former happens on board a scheduled flight, the latter on board a Volocity air taxi.

The small drones from the Baden-Württemberg startup Volocopter, which was founded nine years ago in the tranquil town of Bruchsal, are entering the public test flight phase. “The dream of electric flying in inner cities will be everyday life in just a few years. Our public test flights with international approvals are proof of this. We are now inviting our fans to become pioneers and to be among the first to be able to experience this new form of mobility soon, ”says company boss Florian Reuter.

You can now register for one of the 15-minute test flights on the company website. 300 euros are due before departure, plus a reservation fee of 30 euros, which you have to pay immediately. But the ticket has a catch.

VoloCity: Departure date unknown

Although you can already register for a pioneering drone flight today, it is not yet known when the journey will start. “In the next two to three years” it says in the press release. The place of departure is also still uncertain – in the registration form you can only choose Europe or Asia. It is conceivable that the location in Asia will be in Singapore – the startup had already tested the air taxis there.

When it starts, the adventurous flight pioneers board the Volocity, which is powered by 18 rotors. The drone should achieve a range of up to 35 kilometers with two passengers including luggage (a total of 200 kilograms) at a maximum speed of 110 kilometers per hour.

If you want to be among the first to fly through the air on board the Volocity air taxis, then you should register quickly. Because the number of public test flights is limited to 1,000.

From Bruchsal to the skyline: the rise of the German air taxi startup Volocopter

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