Volvo and DHL want to democratize electric heavy goods vehicles in Europe

Volvo and DHL have announced that they have signed a partnership to use electric heavy goods vehicles in Europe. The goal is to make these ‘zero emission’ behemoths vehicles of choice for long journeys. The two firms will first test their daily use in Sweden.

Volvo Trucks has announced that DHL will be driving an electric FH truck in Sweden. The manufacturer and the transport specialist want to develop their partnership around cleaner transport. It is currently scheduled to travel between the cities of Gothenburg and Jönköping, a journey of approximately 150 km.

“The transport business is changing rapidly, and being sustainable is an increasingly important advantage for our customers”, said the president of Volvo Trucks. “We offer efficient transportation solutions that help the transition to zero emissions. “

“We have a long relationship with DHL. Their expertise in logistics allows us to study the conditions for progressing towards this change in technology, by adapting it to the needs of customers and their type of operations. “

The objective of the two companies is in particular to recover data on the needs for recharging infrastructures. In this way, it will be possible for them to study the distances over which they can then develop the use of such vehicles.


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