Volvo C40 Recharge: This electric SUV is a Tesla opponent

The Volvo brand is changing: by 2025, half of all models sold worldwide should be fully electric – and no later than 2030 the entire range of models. That means that the Swedes have to hold on. The XC40 Recharge was presented at the end of 2020, now follows with the C40 Recharge the second fully electric model – and that could be a real opponent for the Tesla Model Y!

The Volvo C40 is an SUV coupe

The Volvo C40 Recharge is based on the CMA platform and is officially an SUV. Due to the strongly sloping, black roof, the 4.43 meter long C40 should be more than SUV coupe go through. The shape is similar to the Tesla Model Y. In terms of design, the C40 is strongly based on the XC40 – everything is typically Volvo. The LED headlights have a characteristic “Thor’s hammer” design, as we know it from all other Volvo / Polestar models. The closed radiator grille, which the XC40 Recharge also carries, is new. That Heck is independent. The attached tear-off edge and the roof spoiler indicated on the right and left are noticeable.

In the Volvo C40, two electric motors produce 408 hp

When it comes to electric drives, the Swedes rely on the tried and tested combination of two electric motors (one each on the front and rear axles) and one 78 kWh battery. This drive is used in both the technology brother Polestar 2 and the XC40 Recharge. The fully electric XC40 was able to convince in the AUTO BILD test! the Output remains unchanged at 300 kW (408 PS), in addition there is a huge 660 Nm maximum torque. Despite a curb weight of 2185 kilos, the new C40 is said to be the top version with all-wheel drive in just 4.7 seconds to 100 km / h accelerate. But it’s already over at 180 km / h, and Volvo is no exception with the C40. After all, the C40 has a towing capacity of 1,800 pounds. Also good: A three-phase onboard charger is standard – the C40 should be able to charge up to 80 percent in 40 minutes. The official Range give the Swedes 420 kilometers according to WLTP.
Volvo C40

The rear of the new C40 is designed independently. There are no pictures of the interior yet.

Driving: The C40 is more comfortable than a Polestar 2

The Volvo C40 differs at Comfort and driving clearly from identical Polestar 2. Both are based on the CMA platform, but address very different target groups. Of the Volvo C40 is a comfortable SUV coupe, during the Polestar 2 as sporty sedan goes through. The chassis of the C40 is much more comfortable than the firm suspension of the Polestar 2. The C40 conceals uneven road surfaces well and ensures quiet and relaxed driving. The high structure only gets going slightly in fast corners.

Used Volvo XC40 with warranty

the Steering is direct and easy. If the resistance of the steering wheel is too low, you can sharpen it with the sporty attitude. The brakes respond well, and the recuperation allows driving with one pedal (one-pedal drive) with a decent thrust reversal. Despite the comfortable set-up, the C40 with its 408 hp does not lack the electric punch: we blindly buy the 4.7 seconds to 100 km / h from the Volvo. Of the All-wheel drive also ensures good traction – perfect for quick overtaking maneuvers. Here the Polestar 2 and C40 are at eye level and share the same performance values ​​in terms of power. At top speed, the C40 is braked at 180 km / h, while the Polestar 2 still goes to 200 km / h.

High seating position and Android infotainment in Volvo’s SUV coupé

Compared to the Polestar 2, the falls Entry into the C40 is much easier. When entering the rear, taller people have to bow their heads due to the sloping roof line. Arrived on the back seat, but there is enough headroom. Overall, the seating position of the C40 benefits from the CMA platform, where the batteries are predominantly in the center tunnel, not in the vehicle floor across the board. This means that the legs are less bent when sitting.

the The seating position in the C40 is at the same level as the XC40, in addition, the center console in the C40 is not as high as that of the Polestar 2. As a result, the view of the road and the feeling of space are better. Incidentally, the C40 is the first Volvo model that completely without leather is offered. In addition to the normal trunk with 413 liters, the C40 has a “frunk” under the front hood due to its design, which offers a further 31 liters of storage space. The infotainment comes from the Polestar 2 and the XC40 Recharge, which means that Volvo also does this with the C40 Google developed Android system is used. The advantage: Various Google services are integrated directly into the system, and the voice assistant also works in the car. (Everyday test: the new Android operating system is really that good!)

Volvo C40

In the profile, the roof line sloping sharply to the rear is noticeable. The C40 is an SUV coupe.

New C40 Recharge is only available online

Volvo is breaking new ground in sales. With a vision for the future of electric power, the Swedes want the Make buying a car much easier. It starts with the C40 Recharge, the only available online will be. The electric SUV should be available in pre-selected equipment packages, which should make the complexity of the optional equipment clearer. In addition, the C40 Recharge comes with an Art Full service package distributed: This includes not only warranty and service, but also insurance and the possibility of charging. That sounds like a kind of car subscription, as the Swedes are already offering for the XC40 Recharge (from 699 euros per month). The production of the C40 Recharge starts in Autumn 2021 in Ghent, Belgium. The base price for the top model is 57,890 euros. Later, like the Polestar 2, front-wheel drive versions will follow at lower entry-level prices.

The bottom line

Of the Volvo C40 is more comfortable than the identical Polestar 2 and still offers all the advantages of the powerful electric drive with two electric motors. As an SUV coupé, the C40 scores with a good sense of space. Overall, the C40 appeals to families who rely on comfortable driving. In addition, the Volvo trunk (413 to 1205 liters) swallows more than the luggage compartment of the Polestar 2 (405 to 1095 liters). On the other hand, the C40 weighs around 80 kg more than the Polestar 2 at 2207 kilograms. Another test will show whether this will affect the range. In Polestar 2, we came to a realistic 335 kilometers.

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